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Free Training for Inventor Fusion

Tata Technologies now has a free Inventor Fusion training class available through it’s i GET IT online training portal. Sign up for a free account for access and also to see how you can obtain training for all your CAD needs whenever you need to brush up on your skills.

You can enroll for the free course here:

Also thanks to Kevin at the Inventor Users forum for getting the word out:

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Surface Import and Edit in Inventor

Have you ever needed to import surface based geometry from another CAD system and manipulate it. In the past this could be quite a painful process, but with Autodesk’s latest technologies, it is becoming much easier.

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Stretchy Parts in Autodesk Inventor

Have you ever wanted to stretch a part to fit into a range of sizes. This example shows how to create a template part that will “stretch” to fit into different assembled sizes.

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Autodesk Inventor iLogic used in i CHECK IT

Have you ever wanted to be able to verify model or drawing settings to match an exact method or standard in Inventor. Check out this example of iLogic code from Inventor being utilized by Tata Technologies’ i CHECK IT standards checking software. This new addition to i CHECK IT technology will let users define precisely what they want to check or modify through a hybrid standards checking and automation interface. Please contact us at for additional details and capabilities.

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3DS Max Animation from Inventor Geometry

Check out this example of importing Autodesk Inventor geometry into 3DS Max Design and creating a simple keyframe animation.

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