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3DS Max – Mental Ray vs iray

Check out this simple comparison between the Mental Ray and iray rendering engines in 3DS Max Design 2012.

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3ds Max 2012 – Creating and Modifying Objects

This video demonstrates the creation and modification of primitives. I’ll use several primitives to create a simple desk lamp and then apply modifiers to the primitives to better model the necessary shapes. Along the way, I’ll also demonstrate a few tricks to make modeling easier. Prepared and narrated by Chad Miller.

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3ds Max 2012 – Creating a Daylight System

This video demonstrates one method for creating a Daylight System in 3ds Max. The Daylight System command is a simple tool for adding realistic lighting and shadows to a scene. I’ll also cover a technique for creating a custom sky map to replace the generic one created by default. Prepared and narrated by Chad Miller.

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3ds Max 2012 – Navigating the User Interface

This video is a basic introduction for the new user looking at 3ds Max for the first time. We’ll cover the main parts of the user interface and techniques for navigating the viewports. Prepared and narrated by Chad Miller.

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3DS Max Animation from Inventor Geometry

Check out this example of importing Autodesk Inventor geometry into 3DS Max Design and creating a simple keyframe animation.

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