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Autodesk Inventor Factory Assets with Parameters

    We take a look at making our factory assets more intelligent by working with parameters.  In this example I create clearance zones for a CNC machine.  Adding this peice of information will aid me detecting possible clearance problems within my design.

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3D Annotations in Inventor 2012

One step closer to paperless?  There is a 3D annotation tool on Autodesk Labs that works in Inventor 2012.  This could be the next step to paperless manufacturing, but at a minimum will allow engineers and designers properly define a model prior to any 2D detail drawings being created.  When it comes to design intent, this will allow a more collaborative design and detailing process.

Check out the latest utility here:

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Tata Technologies interview at Autodesk University

Tata Technologies had a great year at Autodesk University.  Check out this MCADCafe interview of Tata Technologies’ own Chris Weitzel.

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AutoCAD surfaces and Inventor Fusion

Inventor Fusion is most commonly associated with solid geometry editing and working in a complementary nature with Autodesk Inventor. What most people don’t know is that Fusion can work with AutoCAD as well as with surface geometry. In this example we take a look at starting a surface model in AutoCAD, refining the design in Fusion, stitching together as a solid, and then returning the design to AutoCAD.

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