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Holes on a point – Part2: Termination

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Last time we took a look at the process of creating a hole on a point.  Now let’s also look at creating a proper plane to terminate that hole at the proper depth.  The general process will require a plane through the end of our sketched hole depth, a point at the intersection of the that plane and the holes axis, and finally another work plane through the new point that is perpendicular to the hole’s axis.  Check out this video for an example HERE.

Easier Work Feature creation in Inventor 2011

If you are new to Inventor, or just don’t use work features that often, you will really want to take a look at the new command options available for work features in Inventor 2011.  You can still start the Work Plane command with the same icon, but all of the available creation methods now listed on a fly-out for easier access as well.  This should reduce any confusion about methods available for creating work planes, axis, and points.

Take a look at a video example HERE.

Work Planes

One of the things that always bothered me about using work features in Inventor, when I first started, was that I had to keep going back to restart the command when I wanted to place more features. Well, as I always say, “it’s a right click away” from what your looking for in Inventor. When you are in one of the work features commands, such as work plane, right click in the graphics window. There is an option to “Repeat Command”. Toggle it on and the command stays active until YOU want to stop placing features.

Check out this link to see it for yourself:

I also show a way to create a work plane by creating two axis to define the plane….all in the same step. Inventor neatly tucks both axis under the work plane in the browser AND suppresses them.

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