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Importing Wire Types Electrical 2011

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In past versions of AutoCAD Electrical your wire types where based on a per drawing basis which hasn’t changed but there was no easy way of reusing that information across multiple drawings or even a single drawing without manually going through and adding the wire types you wanted to see that may beyond the wire types you have defined within your template file.  AutoCAD Electrical 2011 saves you time and helps to ensure consistent standards across projects by enabling you to easily reuse frequently specified wire types. You can now import wire types from an existing drawing or template into another drawing.  Using the project wide utility you can import wire types to your project set of drawings.

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Importing Wire Types Electrical 2011

Electrical – Adding a Splice and Working with Multiple Wires

Continuing from last weeks theme of worker with point to point wiring todays post will cover adding a splice into your design and also the time saving tool that helps us work with multiple wires.

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Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Working with Wire Types AutoCAD Electrical

Today we are taking a look at working with wire types in the area of renaming column headers for our wire type dialog boxes which leads into the tools for creating new wire types and layers also converting existing wires in our design. The reason for the post is to be able to easily create additional information in our projects we work on. When thinking about wires we may need to know if the wires we are using are in stock, long lead items or even a special order. These are just some of the ideas I came up with for column headings. I am sure all of you have many different ways you may customize your charts. I would love to hear about them please post some ideas to the linkedin Electrical User Group:

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Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Defining and Editing Wire Connection Sequences

You can predefine a wire network’s connection sequence. This sequence is taken into account by the AutoCAD Electrical wire and cable from/to reporting and wire connection annotation that is merged from the schematics to panel layout footprint symbols. When creating the wiring information for your panel, you may want to define the wire connection
sequence more precisely to make the panel wiring more organized and more efficient.
You can specify the wire connection sequence in two ways: by hard-wiring the schematic drawing or by defining the wire connection sequence. Today we will take a look at defining the wire connection sequence.

The Define Wire Sequence command embeds the wire connection sequence that you define on the wire network with xdata, so you can use standard ladder style design tools and wire junctions. Utilities are provided to display the wire connection sequence on the screen with temporary graphics.

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Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Cut Wires not Trim Lines AutoCAD Electrical

Whenever a user needs to trim out a wire remember about the Trim Wire command, or as I refer to it as the Wire Cutters. The icon looks like wire cutters and is located on the ACE:Main Electrical toolbar. Basically this command when activated allows the user to select the “Wire” to be cut, and then it will “look” in both directions for connection dots or the end of the wire. Once this is found it will remove the connection dots and cut the wire.

Cut Wire Benefits:
- Less Clicks than AutoCAD Trim
- Automatically Removes Connection Dots

A common question is “With the AutoCAD Trim command I can trim multiple lines at once. Can I do that with the Trim Wire command?” The answer is yes; look at your command prompt for options.

Trim Wire command options:
- Fence = Draw a “Fence” to trim multiple wires.
- Crossing = Draw a crossing window to trim multiple wires.
- Zext = Zoom Extents while staying in the command.

Let’s take a look

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

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