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Importing Wire Types Electrical 2011

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In past versions of AutoCAD Electrical your wire types where based on a per drawing basis which hasn’t changed but there was no easy way of reusing that information across multiple drawings or even a single drawing without manually going through and adding the wire types you wanted to see that may beyond the wire types you have defined within your template file.  AutoCAD Electrical 2011 saves you time and helps to ensure consistent standards across projects by enabling you to easily reuse frequently specified wire types. You can now import wire types from an existing drawing or template into another drawing.  Using the project wide utility you can import wire types to your project set of drawings.

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Importing Wire Types Electrical 2011

No Wire Numbering Option for Wire Layers

For many of us their always seems to come a time to where we do not want to show wire numbers but still need to report wire information. Wire layers now have a “no wire numbering” option in AutoCAD Electrical 2010. These wires behave normally for inserting, breaking, and scooting components, and show up in the Wire From/To report.

The Insert Wire Numbers command follows these rules:

  • If all wires in the network are on layers set “No” for Wire Numbering, no new wire number is inserted.
  • If any wire in the network is on a layer set “Yes” for Wire Numbering, the existing non-fixed wire number is updated or a new wire number is inserted.
  • If a wire network already has a non-fixed wire number, it is updated regardless of the Wire Numbering setting. Use the Delete Wire Numbers command to remove the wire number.

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