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Autodesk Inventor – Custom Toolbars

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Today’s post we will look at simple customization of our toolbars inside of Inventor.¬† This will allow the end user to have quicker access too some of the most common functionality that¬†they use inside of Inventor today.

Video Link: Autodesk Inventor – Custom Toolbars

Inventor Tip of the Day

If you are reviewing documents and would like a more “presentation” look to Inventor, there are a couple of ways to clean up the screen so that just the graphics show. From the “View” tab, you can select “Clean Screen”. This maximises the graphics window and minimizes all of the toolbars and browsers. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl-0″ (zero) to quickly switch between screens.

John with the Tata CAD Geeks

2010 Inventor Interface

The biggest thing that jumps out at me when launching the new Autodesk Inventor 2010, is the new User interface. It’s hard to miss the new ribbon bar. For those who are familiar with the newer Microsoft Ofifce products (2007) it will look awfully familiar. For those who are not, I encourage you to approach it with an open mind and take the tutorial. I think with a little open mindedness, you’ll find the logical grouping of task bars to help streamline the commands that are needed. Before you see it and make up your mind that you don’t like it, give it a fair chance. I think you’ll like what you see. I know I did.

John with the CAD Geeks

AutoCAD Electricals New User Interface

AutoCAD Electrical 2010 features a streamlined user interface. Find your favorite tools and commands faster, locate lesser-used tools more efficiently, and discover relevant new features more easily.
The new ribbon interface in AutoCAD Electrical 2010 window offers easy access to common tools. Command buttons are displayed in a set of tabs, grouped according to task. The result is less time searching through menus and toolbars, and more time getting your work done.
Lets take a look:

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Hide your dialogs……In Inventor 2008

Back in Autodesk Inventor R6 we were given the ability to set dialog boxes to “roll-up” in order to more clearly see what your working on while making selections. When Inventor R2008 came out this command was hidden on a right click menu vs, the push pin icon from the past.

Here is a snapshot of the right click menu for this setting….

Check out a video of it in action here….

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