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Electrical – 2010 Update 1 Released

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As of August 25th 2009 Autodesk has released service pack 1 for AutoCAD Electrical 2010. Below I have listed the areas of the software which this service pack or update relates to.

Circuit Builder can become unstable with huge drawing extents.
Circuit Builder does not support nested circuits inserted from single marker block.
Insert/Edit Components/Footprints
Insert Connector From List becomes unstable when performing File Pick cancellation.
Changing the scale changes the length in Din Rail insertion.
The INST/LOC attribute’s visibility changes when editing a component.
Component pin values can be deleted when assigning catalog without pin list.
PLC Database Editor crash when editing a module on 64 bit operating system.
Wire Connection does not synchronize with Symbol Builder library.
Migration Utility
Migration Utility fails to run on 64 bit operating system.
Project Database Service
Project Database Service can become unstable under certain conditions.
Project Manager
Project Manager becomes unstable upon hitting TAB key.
Adding an ITEM sort option on BOM report.
One-line data is not listed on certain schematic reports.
Wire From/To report ignores Wire Tee markers when determining wire sequencing.
Content in Description field can be missing from PLC report.
Terminal Strip Editor becomes unstable when changing terminal level numbers and rebuilding strips.
Terminal Strip Editor fails for terminal with copied catalog from another terminal.
Auto wire connection can be broken when inserting a motor.
Multiple wire numbers can get inserted on a wire when performing remove and re-insert wire number.

You can find this update at:

Update a Drawing Using a Spreadsheet AutoCAD Electrical

Looking at the various sizes that electrical projects can be there is a very simple way to update these projects just using a spreadsheet. What’s nice about the idea is the simple fact all your information can be located in a single place. This is much better than having to search for items from drawing to drawing. Lets take a simple look at the concept.

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

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