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Ahhhhh! He checked out and split again!

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Has this happened to you? A coworker has a bunch of files checked out to reserve them for a project being worked on, but goes on vacation (or other unexpected absence). Now you are responsible to continue the project, but you can’t even access the vaulted files they have checked out. Previously an administrator would have to reset the user’s vault password so they could log in and un-reserve (undo checkout) the file. This was was all a hassle, and now there is a better way: Remove Reservation.
Here is an example of a file checked out by Ed Engineer who went MIA:

If I log in as Mike Manager (who has Administrator rights), Mike can then use the Remove Reservation option on the file pull-down menu.

Any of the CAD users can now check this out and begin working on it again:

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks
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