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Autodesk Inventor Translator capability

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Did you ever want a better way of knowing which types and versions of files Inventor can read and write?  Check out this table to better understand the capabilities of the Autodesk Inventor translators.

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I Can Import What with AutoCAD 2012?

Autodesk AutoCAD 2012  has an optional install of Autodesk Inventor Fusion.  This will allow you to work with a variety of 3D cad formats.  Please watch the video to learn more.  Video provided by Autodesk.


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Using Inventor Fusion to simplify downloaded or imported models

Many times when working with large assemblies, a large part of the design is comprised of purchased parts.  In many cases these are downloaded or imported from other sources.  If these components are more detailed than what is required in the assembly, the performance of your 3D software will suffer.

Inventor Fusion is a great way to import 3D models from a variety of sources, and thereby simplify the models for more efficient widespread use in large assemblies.  Check out this video HERE for an example of this in action.

Inventor Fusion – Editing Translated Files

After using the latest Inventor Fusion technology preview 4 for a while now, I have come to realize that this is an ideal tool for editing imported or translated files.  These could be from neutral file formats like STEP, .SAT, or Parasolid, or native Pro-E or Catia V5 for example.  Inventor Fusion incorporates a non-paramentric “click n’ drag” type editing environment that is ideally suited for translated geometry.  Check out this example video showing a Parasolid file of a hydraulic cylinder I imported for editing.

High Resolution ScreenCast Video HERE.

Download Fusion at

Navisworks – Bringing it all Together

One of the major challenges today is working on a single project that is developed from multiple data sources. Many companies who have to coordinate this type of activity own several different cad systems to accomplish this task. With owning the different cad packages comes the cost of not only purchasing them but also the maintenance that comes with it year after year. Navisworks allows you to perform these same activities with the investment in a single cad package.

Navisworks is compatible with all major native design & laser scan file formats so data from various sources can be combined together to create a single digital model for review, regardless of size.


Let’s take a look!!!

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

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