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Where are the Inventor Samples?

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I have used many of the Inventor sample files for years to test Inventor functionality and to show others examples of Inventor use.  In Inventor 2011, these samples are no longer included with the default installation.  Autodesk has opted to post them in a location to download where they can be updated.  You can now download the samples from: http:\\\inventor-samples

The Blower assembly is particularly good at showing the new Inventor 2011 visual styles.

Electrical – Point to Point Wiring Basics Part 1

In todays post I will be covering some of the basics of Point to Point wiring. This will include:

  • Adding and working with individuals wires
  • Using scoot to place wires
  • Different wire style selections on the fly
  • Options when wires cross one another

Next week I will look at adding in a splice and also working with the multiple wire bus command.

Let’s Take a Look!!!
Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

More color options than your local tattoo parlor!

Have you ever needed a part to look closer to the real thing and couldn’t find an option in the color choices list.

Well here is a very quick and easy way to start adding a splash of realisim to your designs.

The Style and Standards Editor gives you the ability to add Color and Texture to a model and not have to be in Inventor Studio.

Check Out my Video Here:

I hope this easy functionality brightens up your designs and gives them a touch of realisim at the same time.


Jim…Another one of the INCAT CAD Geeks!

Material Dependent Hatching

Hatching can now be controlled by the type of material that is assigned to a part. This can be extremely useful if you create a lot of section drawings and need better clarification. Keep in mind that Inventor provides two options to minimize the time needed to set up
the Hatch Pattern Defaults. Material names can be read directly from the active style library, or they can be read from the material definitions stored in a specific part file. Either way, it will help you churn out production drawings faster with less time spent “cleaning up” your views to get the look you want.
See how easy it is….
Watch Video Here
John with the INCAT CAD Geeks
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