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Close That Sketch One Click

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We have all seen all the great new features in Inventor 2011.  If it’s the dynamic input when sketching or the heads up display when using modeling features they are all very cool.  We often forget about the little things at times that can save us extra picks and clicks and one of those lives in our sketching environment.  A simple right click while sketching will give us the option to automatically close our sketch.  Let’s take a look at the video for an example.

Video Link:
Close That Sketch One Click

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Set your View Extents in 2011

Do you regularly start sketching and find you have drawn something too small or too large?  Inventor 2011 can help with that.

Documents Settings - Initial View Extents

Inventor 2011 now has an “Inititial View Extents” option in the document settings for models.  This is most useful if set to an appropriate value and then saved as your template file.  It will automatically size your model screen area to the View Extents so that you will be in the ballpark when starting to model your most common components.

Inventor 2011 Dynamic Input for Sketching

Dynamic Input in the Sketch environment provides a Heads-Up Display (HUD) command interface near the cursor to help you keep your focus in the sketching area. Dynamic Input is active for the most commonly used sketch commands.
When Dynamic Input is on, value input fields near the cursor display information that is dynamically updated as the cursor moves. When a Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, or Point sketch command is active, the value input fields provide a place for user entry.
The ability to automatically place persistent dimensions can be disabled by clicking Persistent Dimension on the Format panel of the Sketch tab.

Less steps needed while using everyday functionality.
Video link: Created by one of the Cad Geeks

Sketches and Simulation

The ability of Inventor to integrate AutoCAD means that previous efforts will not go to waste. Today, we will see this in action as blocks created in AutoCAD almost come to life in the Simulation environment of Inventor Professional.

With the ability to reuse designs from AutoCAD, analyzing concepts in the first few phases of the Digital Prototype becomes a snap.

Video Link:

Blogged by Jason, yet another Cad Geek

Arc Text….Another cool feature in Inventor 2009

Ever had a need to put a screen printing of text on a part like a wheel?

Well now you can do just that in a model sketch. This is one of the many feature enhansments to Inventor 2009.

It is very easy to do and gives you a ton of control of the text, even the ability to do it in reverse for inside printing on glass.

Check out my Video here:

Jim………Another INCAT CAD Geek!

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