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Great Tool for Creating Factory Assets or Batch Publishing Shrinkwrap Files

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Task scheduler with Inventor 2011 added Assembly shrinkwrap functionality.  This will be a huge time saver for any company needing to create light weight assembly files for use inside of Inventor.  This is also great functionality to be utilized for creating factory assets or library items to be used with the Inventor factory suite. 

Set up a task to include one or multiple shrinkwraps, and schedule it to perform at a convenient time. Options are available for each assembly in your task. The shrinkwrap Assemblies task can be part of a sequential task also.

You can open your assemblies later using the shrinkwrap substitute levels of detail.  This will provide better assembly performance and also good practices for working with the factory asset creation tools.

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Great tool for creating Factory Assets or Batch Sh

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Task Scheduler for Shrinkwrap publishing

Inventor not only includes some improvements to Shrinkwrap for 2011, but it also provides a means for batch creation of Shrinkwrap models.  This can be done in the Inventor Task Scheduler which can be found buried in the Inventor program group here:

Once in the Task Scheduler pick the Shrinkwrap option from the “Create Task” list.

Add the files you want to make Shrinkwrap variations for, and edit the Shrinkwrap options with the button at the bottom.


After the task is complete, a log file is available that shows if any of the assemblies ran into problems with the Shrinkwrap operation.

Utilizing Shrink Wrap with Inventor

Autodesk Labs Strikes Again. A feature I know a lot of users have been looking for. How to go about creating a simplified solid for use in larger assemblies or be able to ship a 3D model to a customer and not have to worry about giving them my native file which could be reverse engineered. Also no need for a pack and go if they only need a representation of the model.

Check it out

Created by Dave of the Incat Cad Geeks

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