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Autodesk Moldflow 2011 and Showcase Working Together

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    Autodesk Moldflow analysis results can help you determine how well your part design will fill, identify where defects might occur, and assess potential warpage. However, it may be difficult to decide whether the results are actually significant when attempting to interpret them graphically. Using Autodesk Showcase, you can visualize how the part might actually look in real life and determine whether the defects are really visible to the eye, enabling you to assess part quality and decide whether the design should be optimized.

    Once you have analysis results, the Export for Defect Visualization feature becomes active. You can access this tool from the Results menu or from the Tools tab in the Study Tasks pane using the classic user interface style, or from the Results tab using the new user interface style. You can choose to export the part surface only, or you can include sink marks and/or warpage results, with or without a scale factor.

This feature is available for Dual Domain and 3D models.

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Autodesk Moldflow 2011 and Showcase Working Together

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***New*** Online Showcase Training Course

We have created a new online self-paced training course for Autodesk Showcase.

This course covers the basic functionality of Showcase and what steps are necessary to create real-time photo realistic imagery from your existing 3D geometry.

If you have a seat of Showcase and haven’t taken the time to learn the software this is your chance. This class covers the basics and walks you through the process of creating an image like the one you see above.

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Preparing Alias files for Showcase

Today we will discuss the steps to successfully prepare an Alias model for use in Autodesk Showcase.

Check out the video here……

Created by Aaron… your Alias CAD Geek

Assigning Decals in Autodesk Showcase

Graphics add the finishing touch to any image and Showcase allows you to apply them quickly and easily. This weeks tip will walk you through the process of creating your own custom decal and applying it to you model.

Click HERE to watch the video

Created by Aaron… Your Alias CAD Geed!

Free Showcase Renderings!!!

Autodesk Showcase will allow you and your company to leverage your 3D CAD data with the benefits of high-end visuals.

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