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This isn’t your daddy’s old SHELL TOOL…Check It Out!

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A manifold is an abstract mathematical space in which every point has a neighborhood which resembles Euclidean space, but in which the global structure may be more complicated. In discussing manifolds, the idea of dimension is important. For example, lines are one-dimensional, and planes two-dimensional.

Wow! I hope I didn’t scare you to death with that one?!? LOL

Let’s take a look at how we can quickly create a manifold for machine use by SHELLING out a solid.

This is a comon problem that I have seen in the past with some of my customers.

They have taken some more complex approaches at making manifolds than they will have to from now on.

Inventor 2009 has improved the functionality of the SHELL tool to allow unchained face selections for removal.

This will alllow for multiple input/output points on a manifold.

Check out my video here:

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