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Building Community for AutoCAD Electrical

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When thinking about finding resources for AutoCAD Electrical it does not seem to be one location to go to. Well I would like to suggest that everyone who uses the product or does electrical design work sign up for the AutoCAD Electrical User Group that can be found on LinkedIn. This can be a place to have discussion’s about the industry itself, learn additional tips and tricks and be able to network in our own line of work. This can only happen if we all pull together and share our own ideas, thoughts and best practices. This will also be a location to find out about upcoming events like Electrical User Groups that are hosted on the web and any other special events surrounding the product. Let’s build this together!!!

To become a member select link below:

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Autodesk Labs in action again……3D Share Now

This video shows how you can use the newer Autodesk Labs tool to quickly share your Inventor models OVER THE WEB! Link here to learn more and download the free tool.

Kevin with the INCAT CAD GEEKS

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