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Security Model example in Vault Collaboration

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I have recently posted a bit about folder level security in Vault and how that can restrict people from changing data in locations they shouldn’t have access to. Potentially more important is the ability to use the folder security in conjunction with Lifecycle based security.

Take a look at the two vault interfaces in figures 1 and 2 below.

This first is a look at what an engineer or designer might see when logging into Vault:

This second image shows how a shop floor user or other viewer might see using the Vault Collaboration light weight web client:

Notice that the viewer has been configured to only display data that is a “Released” or equivalent state. This ensures that they are viewing only the correct data and at the right time in the files process lifecycle.

Contributed by Ben of the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks

Controlling user access with folder security

In companies where Vault is being used as a central repository for everyone to edit and view files, it can be easier to navigate the Vault if only the locations that are relevant to you are displayed. The folder level security in Vault Workgroup and above allows just this type of control. Maybe the engineering and design team can view all vault folders, but maybe manufacturing and purchasing should only be allowed to view the drawings.

Take a look at this video for a quick look at configuring this basic security model.

Watch Video Here

Contributed by Ben of the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks
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