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Inventor – Removing One Solid From Another

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Back to basic’s with this post but we have new users everyday unlocking their potential with Autodesk Inventor.  This post I go through the steps of removing one solid from another and keeping associativity between the two models.  This becomes very important until we locked down our design for final release.  Take a look at the short video.

Video Link: Inventor – Removing One Solid From Another

Is that Mold on your screen?

Well now that I have your attention….I was at one of my customers this week and they are heavy into making molds. Not for Blue Cheese either, the kind for making injection molded parts.

They get files from all sorts of CAD software and want to simplify how they make mold parts for the cavities.

Here is a simple way to start doing this in Inventor today. We started with a derived component, and the sculpt command.

Check out my video here:


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