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Inventor Tube and Pipe – Rigid Tube Basics

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Using the tube and pipe functionality inside the Autodesk Inventor product is easy with a lot of great benefits like:

  • Standardizing Machine Plumbing ensuring your machines are piped the same way every time no matter who the installer is.
  • Understand cost associated to plumbing of your machines
  • Accurate bill of materials
  • Detail drawings of standard pipe runs
  • Detail drawings of pipe segments

Let’s take a look at this basic example:
Inventor Tube and Pipe – Rigid Tube Basics

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No Thanks, I’ll Defer….with Autodesk Inventor 2009

Updates, that is. If you are using Inventor Professional or Routed Systems to design cable and harnesses, you may want to take advantage of a new feature in 2009. You now have the ability to defer the automatic update that would take place if you were to make an edit. If you have a large assembly or are in the beginning process of your design and not sure where everthing fits yet, this could be a time consuming process everytime you make a change. You also have the ability to defer the BOM length update, further speeding your process time.


Although this isn’t a large assembly, you get the idea…

Another productivity enhancement from our friends at Autodesk.

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