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Trouble with file naming in Autodesk Inventor?

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INCAT Labs has has a NEW Solution for you!

Does your company chase its tail defining file names with Inventor? Due to the nature of 3D modeling today, this has become a challenge we at INCAT have often heard from many of our business partners. Some companies reserve part numbers with archaic systems, or others have to tediously rename files in Inventor before being logged into a business or ERP system.

INCAT has developed an automated method to assign, manage, and track the assignment of Inventor file names to match a whole range of part numbering schemes.

Check out this Video for an example:
Watch Video Here

For more information or to discuss how a INCAT’s File Naming Tools can ease your pain, please email us at
Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

ReName those Stubborn file in Autodesk Vault

One of the things I see many Inventor users struggle with is renaming their Inventor files from a descriptive name to a “Part Number”. This typically breaks the links with any referencing files, and requires all of the files to be “Resolved” in any place they have been used.

Autodesk Vault offers a much better solution that allows batch renaming of files, and it even repairs links in files that would otherwise be broken. Check out this ScreenCast video for an example:

Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks.

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