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Autodesk Inventor – Changing material properties across multiple parts

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Here at Tata Technologies we often get asked a lot of great questions and I try to share those as much as possible.  This post is no different, we have been recently asked “What is the best way to change material properties in multiple parts without Vault or going through the task of opening each file?”  It’s is very easy just watch the video.

Video Link: Autodesk Inventor – Changing material properties across multiple parts

Are Your iProperties Filled Out – i CHECK IT

This week I am taking another look at the i CHECK IT product for Autodesk Inventor.  I am using the product to enforce the usage of iproperties within my design using Inventor.  This check will allow me to easy check to make sure that all the necessary iproperties are filled out within my designs.  This check works on part, assembly, drawing and presentation files I just choose the properties I want to check for.  The benefits of using such a tool will allow for better reuse of my designs, better searching capabilities with inventor and most importantly checking to make sure the appropriate information will be included in my bill of materials.


Lets Take a Look:
Are Your iProperties Filled Out – i CHECK IT

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Want to review iProperty info before opening Inventor files?

Wouldn’t it be nice to verify iProperty information prior to utilizing a component in an Inventor design?  You can!  In Inventor 2011, the info-tip that shows up when hovering over a file can now be customized. 

This allows information to be verified before even opening or inserting components in an assembly.

Easier property management and viewing in Vault 2010

One of the troublesome aspects of managing the previous Vault versions was the inability to differentiate between properties that originated from different sources. There is now a predominant (I) after property names for any Inventor files, and this helps out a ton with determining what I am looking at in the properties pane as shown below.

This nomenclature can also be seen in the Property Definitions dialog box when configuring the display and use of properties in the Vault Administration tools.

Now mapping file and system properties is much easier knowing when Inventor is the source property. The same concept also applies to properties extracted from AutoCAD attributes where the property is now appended with an (A).

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks

Enhanced Property Viewing in Vault 2010

One of the new features in the latest Vault 2010 that I am really digging is the addition of the “Properties” tab when viewing the details of a particular file. This new tab makes if much easier to quickly scan all of the meta-data associated with a file, and helps to determine if a general search returned the expected result based on the property data with the file. This will allow us to use much more general searches to locate a group of files rather than using the advanced Find tool to try and narrow the search to a single result.

As an example, check out the search used in these images:

As you can see, the search results show partial property matches in multiple properties to locate the two files returned by the search. This more flexible search is now possible with a new technique using a concept called “search tokens” to be covered in a future data management blog post. Stay tuned.

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks

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