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i CHECK IT – Not Just for Designers

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    Many companies today are finding ways to streamline work flows to save time and money by removing redundant task within their companies.  One of the most common practices I see in the industry is extracting key information from engineering to feed a erp or mrp system.  This removes the manual process of data entry and any time a manual process exist it is prone to error.  Automating this process can only be as good as the information being supplied.  That’s where i CHECK IT for Inventor fits in.  Anyone within a company can run a batch check on engineering data to ensure that critical information needed to supply a erp or mrp system does exist and is formatted properly.  With this process a report is made available to review the results and allow you start the corrective action process as needed.

Let’s take a look:
i CHECK IT – Not Just for Designers

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Creating Drawing List Reports

Today I will talk quickly about Drawing Index pages using AutoCAD Electrical.

This can be an easily overlooked topic in AutoCAD Electrical considering most people would think it would be a report that they would run, and they don’t find it there. Don’t worry, it can be done. Have the project you would like to run it on active and the drawing opened that you would like the index placed on. You will then right click on the project file and click on “Drawing List Report”. Follow the steps below and adjust where needed to fit your specific needs.

  • Click on New Report
  • Select the drawings to process, then click OK
  • Modify the report format as needed.
  • Place on the drawing.

A whole lot easier than creating the list manually

Let’s take a look

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks
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