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Solid Body Patterning

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The solid bodies that can be created in a part model in 2010 have so much to offer. I have recently been visiting with a number of customers and keep finding new ways to take advantage of this great feature. Most times we think that the patterning of components must be done in the assembly environment. Using the solid bodies creation and the feature patterning tool you can do this at the part level. This is a very effective way to control component patterns.

Learn more by watching the video here

Added By Rodney, another one of those CAD Geeks.

Patterns…Not just checkers and stripes anymore!!

Most of us get caught up in making very linear types of designs and everything is in nice neat rows and columns. HOW BORING ARE WE PEOPLE? Lets put some patterns into some parts that make people give us a “WOW!”

Inventor has the tools we need to make this today, we can put patterns onto a spline easily.

Check out the (2) quick videos on this funcionality.

Watch Video 1

Watch Video 2

I think it is so cool and just imagine the possibilties after you see it.

Jim, another one of the INCAT CAD Geeks!

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