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Electrical – Was it Ordered

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When it comes to designs and documentation electrical designs commonly have huge bill of materials not to mention the shear number of drawings associated to them. The electrical product has some great tools built in to help ensure every item has been ordered and contains manufacturer information. We basically have two options, one to run a missing bill of material report or we have a quicker option that allows us to visually check an active drawing for such critical information as well. Lets take a look at each.


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Created by one of the Cad Geeks

Where did all my menu items go?

Have you ever gone into a menu and discovered what you are looking for is not there? This can be VERY frustrating for new users who are not aware of Alias’s Short & Long Menus preference. The Short Menus give you an abreviated menu set that is supposed to make the interface less cluttered. I dislike this option and always change my interface to show Long Menus. This will guarantee I see everything whenever I open a menu.

Long Menus can be found by going to, Preferences -> Menus -> Long Menus

Created by Aaron… Your Alias CAD Geek!

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