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Move off MDT already….Inventor is the way to go – Part 3

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I wanted to take Kevin’s great series on moving off of MDT and do a show and tell of moving your MDT data over to Inventor. He linked you to a great PDF on the process in a prior post.

I have only a few customers left on MDT and it is always a huge eye opener when they see how easy using Inventor can be and then make the switch over to it.

Here are a couple of files that I migrated over to Inventor for a customer to see.

I captured the work flow for a single part, but it is the same for an MDT assembly as well.
It will even go find your externalized parts and bring them over as well.

Check out my video here:
Jim……Another INCAT CAD Geek!

Move off MDT already….Inventor is the way to go – Part 2

To continue the series here are few more reasons why MDT users need to make the move.

  1. Inventor Graphics – OK when AutoCAD came out it was cool, but 25 years later you need a more up to date way to look at 3d models, and the Inventor Graphics are light years ahead of the MDT/AutoCAD based graphics.

Sample Image -

  1. Inventor Studio – Rendering! not shading:) Inventor has photorealisitic rendering built right in. Once you model a part or assembly you are only about 5 clicks away from a photorealisitic rendering.

Sample Image –

  1. Feature Previews – Within MDT you can only rely on the image within the dialog boxes to try and figure out the impact a feature will have before you add it. Within Inventor you get real time previews on almost every feature type, even lofts!

Sample Image –


Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Move off MDT already….Inventor is the way to go – Part 1

Year after year I still bump into a few Autodesk Mechanical Desktop Users floating around. So I wanted to create a list of features that I thought really makes the jump well worth considering if your still using MDT. Feel free to add some of your own by posting a few comments.

Assembly Modeling – Part 1:

1. Drive Constraints – This command allows you to take your assembly constraints and show them in motion to better understand how your concept will function.

2. Contact Solver – This tool allows you to have your parts physically stop or move as they bump other components.

3. Flexible Status – The ability to have a sub assembly placed multiple times but function as it does in real life independently of the others.

Also down in the file sharing zone below on this blog I have uploaded a white paper on how to move some of your MDT data sets forward into inventor. Link to PDF.

More to come on this topic…Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

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