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Customizing the Marking Menu – Inventor 2012

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With the introduction of Inventor 2012 Autodesk has increased user productivity with the introduction of the Marking Menu.  This new menu will allow for quicker access to the most common features/commands no matter what environment you happen to be working in.  This new menu replaces the right-click context menu.  The new menu takes a couple times of working with it to get totally comfortable but it sure is a great time saver.  This post will show you how to customize this menu to add all your favorite commands you most commonly use.  I show other aspects of the menu even how to revert to the classic look but remember the classic look probably won’t be around forever.

Video Link: Customizing the Marking Menu – Inventor 2012

Changing the name of Marking Menu items in Alias

When you add items to your Marking Menus it uses the path to the tool as the tool name. This can make your marking menus pretty big and clunky looking. The solution is the rename the item.

The first think you need to do is open the Marking Menu palette.

Find the tool you would like to rename and double click on the icon while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

This window will appear. Rename you tool to whatever you like and hit OK.

You are now the proud owner of a clean looking Marking Menu.

Created by Aaron… your Alias CAD Geek!

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