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DWF’s take too long with your large designs?

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Have you ever checked a large assembly into Vault and had to wait a while for all of the DWF files to be published into the Vault. One of the additions to the 2010 Vault Collaboration and Vault Manufacturing products in the inclusion of the new “Job Processor” feature. This allows users to queue up publishing jobs as another process on any computer with the Vault Collaboration client software installed. Here is an example of a DWF file being published “behind the scenes”:

Another capability of the Job Processor is to update properties of files in the Vault. In many cases users may want to edit file properties directly within the Vault, but these changes still need to be reflected in the title blocks of drawings as well. The Job processor can update any file properties, and then publish the DWF file whenever a lifecycle state changes (to released for example). Here is an example of a “Rev Number” file property that will automatically be updated when the process below completes:

As a user adds a lot of work to the Job Processor, a Queue is maintained to allow management of the update and DWF publishing progress:

This will allow us to track the progress of any large publishing jobs.

Contributed by Ben of the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks

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