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Autodesk Inventor – Changing material properties across multiple parts

Here at Tata Technologies we often get asked a lot of great questions and I try to share those as much as possible.  This post is no different, we have been recently asked “What is the best way to change material properties in multiple parts without Vault or going through the task of opening each file?”  It’s is very easy just watch the video.

Video Link: Autodesk Inventor – Changing material properties across multiple parts

Basic Charted Drawing Using Custom Parameters and iParts

I was recently requested to come up with a basic demo for a customer to show how Inventor could use iParts or in the customer words a family of parts.  So i created the basic demo using custom parameters, iParts and a simple table in the drawing that will automatically update when the active iPart is choosen for the drawing view.  The video will cover 3 areas of Inventor that has many uses.  Enjoy!!!

Video Link:
Basic Charted Drawing Using Custom Parameters and iParts

i CHECK IT – Not Just for Designers

    Many companies today are finding ways to streamline work flows to save time and money by removing redundant task within their companies.  One of the most common practices I see in the industry is extracting key information from engineering to feed a erp or mrp system.  This removes the manual process of data entry and any time a manual process exist it is prone to error.  Automating this process can only be as good as the information being supplied.  That’s where i CHECK IT for Inventor fits in.  Anyone within a company can run a batch check on engineering data to ensure that critical information needed to supply a erp or mrp system does exist and is formatted properly.  With this process a report is made available to review the results and allow you start the corrective action process as needed.

Let’s take a look:
i CHECK IT – Not Just for Designers

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Copy Model iProperties

While onsite at a customer I was asked is thier any way to copy specific standard iProperties from the model into the drawing? My response was use the Copy Model iProperty Settings from within the document settings of the drawing template. With this option configured common iPorperties such as Company, Description, Project, ect… need only be filled out in the models then copied into the drawings.

Click HERE to watch the video

Added by Justin, another one of the CAD Geeks.

Using Parameters in iProperties

More recently I have seen a large demand to customize the information within iProperties. One great way to do this is take advantage of the expressions that can be created in iProperties using either other iProperties or parameter values that have been created during the modeling process. Using Parameter values in expressions in iProperties can allow a user to automate such common iProperties such as description. The keys to doing this successfully are to carefully name your parameters ( User Parameters work best), export those parameters so that they will be shown on the custom tab of the iProperties, and create the correct expression. There is a simple example here in the video to get you started.
Check out the video here!
Added by Rodney, another one of those CAD Geeks.
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