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Copying iParts with Vault

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Ever wonder how you can copy an iPart in your Vault for usage in a similar factory design?  This video will show you how; including the details on reusing your existing drawing as well!

Check out the video HERE.

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Basic Charted Drawing Using Custom Parameters and iParts

I was recently requested to come up with a basic demo for a customer to show how Inventor could use iParts or in the customer words a family of parts.  So i created the basic demo using custom parameters, iParts and a simple table in the drawing that will automatically update when the active iPart is choosen for the drawing view.  The video will cover 3 areas of Inventor that has many uses.  Enjoy!!!

Video Link:
Basic Charted Drawing Using Custom Parameters and iParts

Managing iParts and iAssemblies in Vault

iParts and iAssemblies can be a valuable tool in the Autodesk Inventor products, but anyone who has used iParts or iAssemblies in Vault might have become a bit frustrated. Due to the complex file references between all of the members in an iPart and its “Factory”, it can be challenging to load these into Vault in a fully “up to date” fashion. This can lead to Inventor thinking the iPart needs to be updated and checked out each time it is inserted during regular design use.

There is a relatively simple way to keep track of the updated status of all iPart members using a container assembly. The same technique can be used with iAssemblies nested multiple levels deep. I have created a video of the technique using the Engine MKII sample data set which contains multiple levels of iPart and iAssemblies.

Check out the video HERE.

Contributed by Ben of the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks

Math Rules!

iParts can be a great way to simplify your parts library. However, I constantly hear that it’s pain to remember which features to suppress for each configuration. My answer is to create rules with math.

We can write equations that provide values and then suppress the features based on those values. There are hundreds of ways to use these but I want to stress that sometimes this can get too complex. That is when you want to look into iLogic or Inventor Automation.

Video >
MathRules.ipt >

Created by Josh, Yet another CAD Geek
Props to my friend (and CAD Geek) Chris Weitzel for collaborating on these equations.

iParts to iFeatures – Bonus Tools 2009

One of the Bonus Tools added to Inventor gives you the ability to take an iPart and quickly turn it into an iFeature with the table.

This could save you a lot of time in adding a multi-function iFeature to your catalog.

Check out this quick Video:

Enjoy the new tools,

Jim…….Another INCAT CAD Geek!
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