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Surface Import and Edit in Inventor

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Have you ever needed to import surface based geometry from another CAD system and manipulate it. In the past this could be quite a painful process, but with Autodesk’s latest technologies, it is becoming much easier.

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3D Annotations in Inventor 2012

One step closer to paperless?  There is a 3D annotation tool on Autodesk Labs that works in Inventor 2012.  This could be the next step to paperless manufacturing, but at a minimum will allow engineers and designers properly define a model prior to any 2D detail drawings being created.  When it comes to design intent, this will allow a more collaborative design and detailing process.

Check out the latest utility here:

Inventor – Removing One Solid From Another

Back to basic’s with this post but we have new users everyday unlocking their potential with Autodesk Inventor.  This post I go through the steps of removing one solid from another and keeping associativity between the two models.  This becomes very important until we locked down our design for final release.  Take a look at the short video.

Video Link: Inventor – Removing One Solid From Another

Autodesk Inventor – Custom Toolbars

Today’s post we will look at simple customization of our toolbars inside of Inventor.  This will allow the end user to have quicker access too some of the most common functionality that they use inside of Inventor today.

Video Link: Autodesk Inventor – Custom Toolbars

Autodesk Moldflow Adviser Design Plug-in for Inventor

This new plug-in into Inventor and Inventor LT 2012 can provide near real time feedback to design decisions you make, while you are developing the plastic product. You will get direct feedback on how the design desisions impact the manufacturability, cost and sustainability of the product. The easy to interpret feedback can ensure that the design process moves in the right direction and that the part is developed to conform to plastic part design guidelines.

Video Link: Autodesk Moldflow Adviser Design Plug-in for Inventor

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