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More color options than your local tattoo parlor!

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Have you ever needed a part to look closer to the real thing and couldn’t find an option in the color choices list.

Well here is a very quick and easy way to start adding a splash of realisim to your designs.

The Style and Standards Editor gives you the ability to add Color and Texture to a model and not have to be in Inventor Studio.

Check Out my Video Here:

I hope this easy functionality brightens up your designs and gives them a touch of realisim at the same time.


Jim…Another one of the INCAT CAD Geeks!

Open or Closed?, That is the question……

Every time we design some piece of equipment that has motion to it, we need to show it in multiple positions. Is it OPEN? is it CLOSED? help me understand what this thing is doing?

These are all questions I am sure we have all heard from someone trying to assemble a design or someone from outside of the engineering department, who might not have the print reading savy of you.

Well let us all breath a bit easier now that we can create Positional Representations in Inventor.

We can use those to create overlay views right on a drawing view. This will help realy that difficult information a lot easier.

Check out my VIDEO here:

Jim…..Another INCAT CAD Geek!

Getting connected. So easy a caveman can do it!

Every good assembly needs to have fasteners to hold it all together. So to help speed up the process of putting in holes and fasteners with constraints, Inventor has a great tool. Bolted Connection creator. This tool allows you to build up types of connections and insert them into assemblies. Fasteners, washers, holes, and nuts, all at the same time.

Watch the video here:


Jim….Another one of the INCAT CAD Geeks

View Representations or Level of Detail What’s Right For You?

You can save both types of representation with a name and activate it for modeling tasks or select it for creating drawings, presentations, and derived assemblies. So which one makes sense. If working in large assemblies LOD has the advantage. This allows you to suppress components to save memory the negative is when adding a component to your assembly it automatically gets added to all LOD you have created. View Representations takes over there allowing you to lock each representation created so when adding components they can be added to the master without affecting the others but has no memory saving option. In a perfect world LOD with ability to lock representation would be great.

Check out my video of how to do this.

Submitted by Dave of the INCAT CAD Geeks

Interference Check Mate! – I Win Again

We have all had the misfortune of being strapped of time and rushed through making designs in our past. Don’t you wish you had the tool in 2D to check your assembly for crashes and interferennces?

Inventor to the rescue! When making your designs in 3D with Inventor, you can always take a check of the assembly to see what is crashing or not.

I whish I had this back in the old days of 2D…..would have made some of my days alot easier.

Watch the video here:


Jim……Another one of the INCAT CAD Geeks.
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