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Batch Plotting From Vault or ProductStream – Two Options

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At INCAT, we have multiple options for batch plotting from Vault or Productstream. Productstream includes a batch plotting capability that works with some workflows very well, but it isn’t included in Vault alone. For others, the INCAT DM Batch plot application may be another solution.

The Productstream batch plotting:

  • Includes Plotting of related sheets – automatically locates all detail drawings for a specified assembly. This is useful if you know you want to plot all the drawings for every detail and assembly involved in a particular design. You don’t have to know part numbers or file names, and the Productstream database collects the relevant files for you. This might not be ideal if you don’t want every drawing for standard components or purchased type components though.
  • Uses page setups to define the plot settings – you can multi-select to change the page setup for multiple drawings.
  • Not available for basic Vault

The INCAT DM Batch Plot:

  • Includes plotting of drawings from imported plot lists – you can import an excel spreadsheet and the drawings will be automatically located and ready for adding to the plot list. This allows lists of required drawings to be generated from other business systems and loaded into the batch plot to be automatically processed.
  • Plotting size and device based on file name or properties – The INCAT batch plot can determine plot size and device based on either a character in the file name, or a document property that specifies the plot size. This eliminates the need to have page setups defined in advance and allows for a more automated batch plot solution.
  • Works with Vault
  • Available from INCAT Labs

Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

New Batch brewing at INCAT labs……2009 Data Management Batch Plot that is

Last year the crew here at INCAT Labs created our FREE batch plot application for downloading. We have recently released the 2009 based version for use.

Download it here

“The INCAT Autodesk Data Management Batch Plot application was created to provide batch plotting and printing capabilities for vaulted Autodesk CAD files within Autodesk Vault and Productstream.”

This version supports the following programs:
Autodesk Vault 2009
Autodesk Productstream 2009
AutoCAD 2009
AutoCAD Electrical 2009
Autodesk Inventor 2009

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