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Importing 3D Geometry into Sheet Metal

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With 3D becoming more popular daily many companies are exchanging data in a 3D format and not to mention that the translators you find in the products these days also makes exchanging data easier than ever. Still there is a need to take that 3D data and bring it into the sheet metal environment to generate flat pattern layouts. Today we will take a look at using an iges file and the steps needed to use it within the Inventor sheet metal environment.

Video link:
Created by one of the Cad Geeks

I’m Bringing IGES Back!

Here is a post for one of the tools that you do not get by having just plain AutoCAD. The ability to import IGES data and use it.
The IGES import tools are built right into AutoCAD Mechanical though. This is a very useful and simple tool to use.

It gives you some very good control over the data as it is imported in the “options”

Check out this quick video:

Enjoy the tip,

Jim…Another INCAT CAD Geek

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