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iParts to iFeatures – Bonus Tools 2009

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One of the Bonus Tools added to Inventor gives you the ability to take an iPart and quickly turn it into an iFeature with the table.

This could save you a lot of time in adding a multi-function iFeature to your catalog.

Check out this quick Video:

Enjoy the new tools,

Jim…….Another INCAT CAD Geek!

Making Your Parts More Intelligent

So you maybe you have mastered creating iParts and iFeatures, but we can take those items one step farther adding in some operators to make them even more intelligent. I am going to take a very simple example and create intelligence that will work with the dynamic geometry of a part. Allowing to have suppression of a feature due to a size change in a model.

Why is this important?
As iParts and iFeatures increase and decrease in size you may want to suppress or un-suppress other features so that they fit. One example could be that you have a plate 4 inches long with 3 one inch holes in it with equal spacing; you may want a hole to disappear if that plate ever gets shorter than a given length. Working with parameters will allow this to happen automatically.
Check it out
Submitted by Dave of the INCAT CAD Geeks

iFeature Help

Have you utilized the power of iFeatures at your company? If you have, you probably have created many shapes that you use over and over in your daily designs. Problem is, how do other designers in your company know how to place the objects? Worse yet, what if you forget how! No worries. Check out this short video on how to attach a word document that you can access when placing an iFeature. You can use it as a way of outlining the steps for easy placement.

Check out my video here:

Happy modeling…

John with the INCAT Cadgeeks

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