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Utility to split a multi-sheet Inventor drawing into individual files

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Have you ever needed to split your multi-sheet drawing in Inventor into the individual separate single-sheet drawings?  I have found an utility that allows you to quickly complete this task.  Please watch the video to see this in action and don’t forget if you would like to try this email us.  I have provided in the video the best way to contact us.  Have a great day!!!

Video Link: Utility to split a multi-sheet Inventor drawing into individual files

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Set It and Forget It!!!

You may have seen the infomercial or not, it rings a bell for me working those long hours completing task I just did not have time to complete at work, Task Scheduler to the rescue. This functionality gives me the ability to schedule common task when I am away from my machine. Task like: Migrating files, Updating a design, publishing dwf’s, printing, importing and exporting files, check into and out of vault, retrieving latest versions from vault and converting idw’s to dwg’s. Set up a single task or run multiples at once you pick the time and day.
Check out my video of how to do this.
Submitted by Dave of the INCAT CAD Geeks

Whats new in Inventor 2009 – Drawing View Crop

This will be the first of many post to quickly highlight newer features coming in Inventor 2009.

The first one is Drawings View Crop. Basically you can take any view and crop out what you dont need to see. I will post a video this weekend so consider this a tease.

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Copy Cat 2 – Making your dimension settings match

In one of the most recent versions of Inventor (R11 or 2008) this tool was added to the right click menu within drawings so at anytime you could copy properties from one annotation to another.
Check out this video to the tool in action – WATCH VIDEO HERE
Kevin with the INCAT CAD GEEKS

Getting Custom Properties into your Template

After visiting a customer and taking questions about templates and creating custom iproperties, I showed how to make those custom iprops available for your template .idw or dwg. I have put together a short video showing how to map your drawing template file to your model template file which would contain custom iproperties.

Check out my video of how to do this.

Dave Another one of the INCAT CAD Geeks

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