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Breaking Hatch Patterns Around Text in Your Drawings

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In the past releases when working with Autodesk Inventor you have not had the ability to automatically clear an area of hatch out to have text clearly visible.  So your drawing view may have looked something like this:

In Autodesk Inventor 2011 that has all changed.  Autodesk added the ability to automatically break hatch patterns when adding text.  So now your drawing views will look something like this:

What’s nice about this of course it allows for a  more professional look to your drawings. 

This functionality by default is turned on and you can find your setting for it under your document settings tab. 

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Breaking Hatch Patterns Around Text in Your Drawing Views

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Additional Hatch possible with Inventor 2011

One of the things in Inventor 2011 that I recently ran across is importing hatch patterns from AutoCAD.  The hatch patterns in Inventor have expanded a bit in recent years, but they were not nearly as extensive as AutoCAD.  Now the link to AutoCAD patterns gives you a lot more control with more architectural type patterns and such. 

To use the AutoCAD hatches follow these steps:

1) First edit the hatch pattern, and then pick the pattern drop-down list and pick “other”.

 2) In the “Select Hatch Pattern” dialog, pick “Load”.

 3) Browse to the location of an AutoCAD .pat file and select it.  Pick any of the hatch patterns in the list and pick OK.  This new pattern will now be available in Inventor.

Material Dependent Hatching

Hatching can now be controlled by the type of material that is assigned to a part. This can be extremely useful if you create a lot of section drawings and need better clarification. Keep in mind that Inventor provides two options to minimize the time needed to set up
the Hatch Pattern Defaults. Material names can be read directly from the active style library, or they can be read from the material definitions stored in a specific part file. Either way, it will help you churn out production drawings faster with less time spent “cleaning up” your views to get the look you want.
See how easy it is….
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