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Our Blogs backbone…….. cool apps we get to use

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Our team of INCAT CAD Geeks love sharing our knowledge abour the Autodesk MSD productline. However we also rely heavily on a few other tools to bring you a higher level of content in the form of images and videos. So I wanted to do a quick technology overview of the tools we use since I feel very stongly that all of you can benefit in a number of ways from the same technology. So here goes, but I will also post something more CAD related later today.

The Blog tool itself – Blogger and feedburner from Google, All Free (We are newbies to the world of blogging, but I think the site gets the job done, but you can give us your thoughts.

Autodesk MSD products – Duh :)

Videos, Images, content storage – All of the images and the videos we post links to are all powered by Techsmith products.

For many of you that I have worked with over the last few years you most likely already heard me tell stories and or demo Snag It or Camtasia Studio both are wonderful tools that can help communicate your designs and share your knowledge around the office. However thier are TWO new products to the Techsmith family that are really the fuel for the our content here on the Blog.

  1. Jing – This wonderful application allows a seamless way to share images and videos to whomever or just allow another quick way to capture ideas for your own usage.
  2. Screencast - This is the online service for sharing any and all of your media.

I know we love both tools and they make our job of sharing our CAD Geek skills with you much easier, so thank you Techsmith (Betsy and friends) and Google……and keep cranking out cool applications.

Techsmith Blog

So please check out these tools and consider adding them to your toolkit. Please feel free to drop me a note if you want me show these great tools in action…

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

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