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How do I search in ACADE?

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After I started using AutoCAD Electrical for a few months I came up with the simplest question. How do I find information in my project?

ACADE has ‘Find and Replace’ commands. I can use the surfer on the symbols if I know where they are but if you check the command line then you’ll see that the surfer is your search tool!

Type it to Surf it!

Created by Josh, Yet another CAD Geek

Fast Vault Searching – Directly from your CAD interface

Most people are aware many of the searching techniques that can be used to locate data in Vault, but did you know most of this can also be done directly from AutoCAD or Inventor?

When in the “Open from Vault” dialog box this is Find command in the upper-right corner of the dialog box:

This gives us all of the same searching capability as the Find command in the full Vault client, but can be used directly from the CAD software without switching to another window:

By double-clicking the file located in the Find dialog, it is automatically located and populated in the Open dialog so you can verify the proper file and location:

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks

Finding My Way…..

Sometimes you need a way to find things in your browser quick and easy. It can be quite difficult to peck through all of the items to find what you want when you have a large browser tree. A tool exists for searching the browser that I seldom see people taking advantage of. It offers some pretty powerful ways of locating what you want, when you want it.

Let’s Take A Look

John with the CAD Geeks

Easily Change Verbiage AutoCAD Electrical

Almost every company I work with re-uses design data when it comes to controls engineering. Most common changes maybe descriptions that different companies use, location changes when reusing information at the end of the day there are never or very few times that something does not need to change when reusing designs. There is a great feature inside AutoCAD Electrical that can help making these changes painless. Find/Edit/Replace Component Text command, lets take a look at the steps you need to follow:

Step 1
Select the “Find/Edit/Replace Component Text” command from the “Retag Components” fly out toolbar located on the Main Electrical Toolbar.
Step 2
Select either “Project” “Drawing” or “Active Drawing (Pick)”. This selection is used for what drawings / items will be processed in the find and replace.
Note: If you select project the next step would be to select the drawings from the project to include in the process. You can select one or all or any amount in between.
Step 3
Select the check marks by the items you wish to search for. Then give the “Find” string of text and the “Replace” string of text. Then click “Start Search”.
Step 4
Cycle through the results. A dialog box is show with the first result found. The user will see all of the attribute information for that component in the result dialog box. Any item can be changed here before moving on. The user has the option to “Skip to Next” “Replace” or “Replace All”.

Let’s take a look
Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

Finding my way….

A little known searching tool in Inventor can be used to locate all sorts of useful information. I guess that’s why it’s called Find….It can be accessed in the open dialouge to find files as well as for searching contents of files while you have them open. It offers different options based on what type of file you have open. For instance: If I have a part open, I can search sketches and features that meet certain criteria. If I have an assembly open, there are quite a few options for searching there as well.


I’m sure you will “find” some way to use this often overlooked but powerful tool.

John with the INCAT CAD Geeks
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