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Exporting Vault File data

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One of the commonly overlooked features of Vault is the ability to use file property and status data as an organization and project management tool. Any type of search or folder view can be customized to show specific property data. This might be important when browing the Vault, but it could also be critical information to be used in other business systems or project management. For these reasons, data in the file pane can be exported and used for other purposes.

Check out this video of the File-> Export command in action. The content to be exported is also dependant on the currently selected Vault pane as shown in the video as well.

Watch Video Here

Contributed by Ben of the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks
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How do you know which Inventor Drawings to update…

Using Autodesk Vault, the status of any file can be determined at a moments notice. This can be a life saver to anyone detailing drawings and needing to update them after a design has been modified.

The following video shows how to set up the “File Status” option, and how it can be used with Inventor:

Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks

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