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Math Rules!

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iParts can be a great way to simplify your parts library. However, I constantly hear that it’s pain to remember which features to suppress for each configuration. My answer is to create rules with math.

We can write equations that provide values and then suppress the features based on those values. There are hundreds of ways to use these but I want to stress that sometimes this can get too complex. That is when you want to look into iLogic or Inventor Automation.

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MathRules.ipt >

Created by Josh, Yet another CAD Geek
Props to my friend (and CAD Geek) Chris Weitzel for collaborating on these equations.

Inventor tip "Feature Supression based on parameter values"

Starting in Inventor R11 we were able to do feature suppression based on parameters values. Below is a simple example of using this trick as a quick way to capture a simplified version of a part without creating iparts or derived parts when trying to cut back on complexity.

Step 1 – Create user Parameter called “complex” and assign it “0″ as the value
Step 2 – Right Click on any feature where you want this setup and choose “Properties” and then configuration as shown below, using the “complex” parameter created earlier, repeat as needed.

Step 3 – Change the user parameter “complex” to a value of “1″, and there you go.

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Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

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