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So much Content Center data! Let pick our Favorites…

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Utilizing the Content Center data that comes with Autodesk Inventor is a great way to save time modeling standard components. The thing is, there is a difference between having a large library of standard parts and a large library of Useful standard parts. The Content Center comes with so much that often times Inventor users are overwhelmed and can not find the standard parts they are looking for. Content Center Favorites is a great way to build your own selection of Content Center data. This also works great with Content Center Filters which we covered last week.

Learn how to pick your Favorites Here…

Added By Rodney of the CAD Geeks.

Saving Our Favorites When Searching the Help System

If you are a new user to the Autodesk products or even someone who has used them for some time being able to save your favorite help system searching can be a real time saver. For new users its a great way to quickly access those new commands you are learning about. For us who are longtime users we may use it for those commands that we only use once in a great while and need that little bit of information to ensure we are using it correctly. Lets take a look at this very simple feature that can save us time in using our help system.
Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

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