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Autodesk Inventor Publisher in 20 Minutes or Less

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Autodesk Inventor Publisher is easy-to-use software for creating compelling product documentation, enabling manufacturers to provide their customers with clearer and more comprehensive technical instructions. Inventor Publisher extends the reach of Digital Prototyping to product documentation teams, giving non-CAD users the ability to leverage the same digital model used in the design-to-manufacturing process to create assembly instructions, operating procedures, repair instructions, and more. With associative updates based on changes to the Autodesk Inventor software 3D design model, Inventor Publisher helps documentation teams start working earlier in the product development process, helping reduce rework and shorten time to market.

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Moving Bodies in a Multi-Body Part

You create multiple solid bodies in a part file using modeling commands, or by importing one or more solids using the Derived Component command. Use the Move Bodies command to reposition solid body components.

There are three modes of moving bodies in a part file:
Free Drag allows you to move objects in any X, Y, Z combination.
Move along ray allows you to perform a linear move on objects.
Rotate allows you to set the angular rotation of an object around a central axis.
You can use each method as a single move, or you can combine move options by selecting Click to add in the dialog box window. Group multiple moves into one operation to consume the least amount of memory. Inventor records each move in the browser, so you can edit or delete moves at any time.

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