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Be more Productive While Sharing Work – iCheck

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I quickly wanted to go over one of my favorite checks that are possible of the 70 available with using iCheck. I have a little scenario and also the benefits of just using this one check.

Like many companies we share our work throughout our group. With doing this every designer creates there assemblies differently on how they may constrain or even ground components into position. I have recently been assigned to take over an assembly a co-worker was working on that I need to finalize and also run through dynamic simulation. Before I can even get started I must spend time upfront to understand how he had created his assembly this can add hours to any job depending on the size.

Before i-Check I had to manually go through an assembly and verify multiple items before I could move on finishing the design. These items consisted of:
1) Making sure only one component is grounded in my design.
a) This is important due to my first component placed in an assembly sets up my orientation of all subsequent parts and sub assemblies.
b) If components are grounded together instead of constrained its hard to tell if I have proper hole alignment, or have part interference.
c) If using Dynamic Simulation all parts that are grounded in my assembly environment automatically get grounded once I switch to my simulation environment adding additional work when setting up and assembly to run simulation on.

With i-Check with a couple clicks of my mouse I have a report telling me exactly the condition of my assembly. Saving me valuable time upfront interrogating an assembly which now I can spend being productive.

Check it out
Submitted by Dave of the INCAT CAD Geeks

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