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Utility to split a multi-sheet Inventor drawing into individual files

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Have you ever needed to split your multi-sheet drawing in Inventor into the individual separate single-sheet drawings?  I have found an utility that allows you to quickly complete this task.  Please watch the video to see this in action and don’t forget if you would like to try this email us.  I have provided in the video the best way to contact us.  Have a great day!!!

Video Link: Utility to split a multi-sheet Inventor drawing into individual files

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AutoCAD 2D to Inventor 3D in One Click

It’s never been easier to take your 2D layouts and create 3D files inside of Inventor then it is now.  The Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2012 allows you to share a common library of assets that are created inside of Inventor quickly lay them out inside of AutoCAD and produce those as 3D layouts with a single click.  This workflow allows any AutoCAD user to quickly look at multiple layout scenarios without having the knowledge of Inventor to easily produce a 3D layout.  This also holds true in the reverse where some can layout there their design intentions inside of Inventor and produce a associative layout inside of AutoCAD with a single click.

Let’s see how: AutoCAD 2D to Inventor 3D in One Click.swf

Sheet Metal – Using Legacy Flat Data

Many times we need to use existing 2D data to create 3D folded models within Autodesk Inventor. This data may be living in a dwg or dxf file format. This blog consist of the steps and video that speaks of some of your options when importing this data and creating the 3D model itself.
Steps used for using legacy flat data:
1.Start new sheet metal part, start the insert AutoCAD tool
2.Select dxf or dwg file
3.Select import options
4.Clean-up imported geometry trim and extend tools
5.Finish Sketch
6.Select Sheet Metal rule to be used
7.Use Face tool, select geometry
8.Create new sketch where needed project bend lines
9.Use fold tool to bend selected areas
10.Continue steps 8 and 9 until your part is completely folded

Video link:
Created by one of the Cad Geeks

Single PDF Multiple DWG’s 2010 Electrical

Many of you have been asking about having a single PDF file that contains multiple DWG’s from AutoCAD Electrical and now 2010 delivers. In the short video we will take a look at the process and a few options you have when creating your PDF’s.Lets take a look:
Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

DWG True Connect – 3D Power to your 2D dwg’s

Recently I was working at one of my customers who have multiple groups of engineers and designers on staff. They work in different groups but need to share some of the same information in designs.

In fact one group does all 2D plant layouts for the machines that the other group designs. Well this used to be an issue with the 2D group getting views from 3D and then some design change would take place and they would have to have someone create a whole bunch of views for them again.

With True Connect this problem is now solved.

Check out my video on how this works.

Click here for the video:

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