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Inventor 2012 Change View Orientation Something New

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Autodesk shows once again that they listen to the users of their product.

You can change the orientation of existing drawing views inside of Inventor 2012.

Double-click a view, and in the Drawing View dialog box, click Change View Orientation . Then, in the Custom View window, specify a new view plane.

When you change the orientation of a base view, all dependent child views inherit the new orientation.

Let’s take a look:
Inventor 2012 Change View Orientation


Inventor 2012 – Design View Representations in Parts

Want to save a detailed part view for layout in a drawing?  Rodney Coffey shows how this can be done in Inventor 2012.

Watch the video HERE.


In’s and Out’s of View Representations and Using Them Within Drawings

This post will feature working with View Representations inside of Autodesk Inventor.  I take a look at setting them up inside your assembly environment and some of the tips and tricks associated to using them within your drawing environment.  There is a lot of confusion between using level of detail and view representations hopefully this makes the choice a little easier.

Video Link:
In’s and Out’s of View Representations and Using Them Within Drawings

Replacing models in Inventor 2011 drawings

One of the difficult things about reusing Inventor components and their drawings has been managing model references.  If a drawing is copied, by default it still references the original component it was detailing.  In Inventor 2011 there is now an option to replace the model reference with a new file.  This makes it much easier to copy a drawing to go along with its associated model. 

Watch a video example HERE.

Constrained Sketch Geometry in Drawing Views

In the past week I have been at two different customer sites and both were a little mad that when using sketches in a drawing view they did not update if something moved or the view was resized. All I heard is why can’t I associate this information? Well of course you can. You have the ability to show any unconsumed sketch from your model inside of your drawing views or while sketching inside of a view projecting some geometry from a model to add constraints/dimensions too. Lets take a look at doing this in each way.

Check it out
Submitted by Dave of the INCAT CAD Geeks

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