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Parametric Design in AutoCAD Part 3: Dynamic, Reference, & Annotation Dimensions

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What did you say? You added parametric dimensions to your lines but they won’t show up when you plot. Well, we can fix that.

When a parametric dimension is defined, it is simply a dimension to control geometry. By changing it to an annotational dimension it will display just like a normal dimension.

Check back for Part 4: Parameters Manager

Blogged by Josh Hunt, Yet another CAD Geek

Inventor Link – Part 2 – Updates to Files

Last week we started a Link to Inventor for detailing a 3D model file.
I wanted to build on that and give you the final piece of how edits are handed of to the 2D drawing file.

The model and the drawing will maintain the link and this will ensure that the information that is being detailed is the latest model available.

Check out this video:


2D Auto Dimensions

Placing dimensions on drawing views has to be one of the most time consuming parts of creating working drawings. AutoCAD Mechanical has a set of automated dimensioning tools that greatly increase your producttivity when dimensioning your drawings.

Check out this video:

I will use the multi-dimension tool to place several dimension on the view in just a few picks.

Enjoy this one it will save you hours in no time.

Jim…..Another INCAT CAD Geek

Dim Scales on Detail Drawings

One of the really nice features that AutoCAD Mechanical has going for it today is its ability to manage your dimscale factor on the fly.

How many times have you created a drawing and then ran out of space on the sheet and had to change its over all scale?

Well with AutoCAD Mechanical those worries are over. The dimensions will update to the sheet scale on the fly for you.

Check out this video:

Jim…..Another INCAT CAD Geek!

Clarify your Drawing intent with Isometric Dimensions

For those of you that have been using Inventor for a while, I wanted to make sure you haven’t fallen into a rut with your dimensioning techniques. Check out this example of dimensioning in Inventor drawing views as an example of what can be done in Inventor 2008!

Submitted by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks.
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