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Inventor Clevis Pins

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Check out this example of the Clevis Pin calculator and generator in Autodesk Inventor.  This is but one of the many Design Accelerators in Inventor that allow users to concentrate on functional design rather than modeling tasks.

Inventor Clevis Pin Generator

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Inventor Bolted Connections

It’s been a while since we reviewed some of the Design Accelerators in Inventor, so for 2012 I thought we should catch up on them.  Starting with the Bolted Connection Generator.  Check out this video to see a bolted connection placed on a circular pattern.  A sketch with a circular pattern of points is already created as a starting point for the holes and fasteners.

Watch the video HERE.

Design Accelerators – Part 4 – Bolt Calculations

Continuing on with our series in Design Accelerators, today we’ll take a look at how we can use them to determine design compliance. In this example I’ll show how the accelerator can help us to determine material, shear strength, size and number of bolts required to meet a specific input value. Utilizing these great tools will allow you to spend more time designing and less time calculating! Let’s take a look….


John with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Design Accelerators – Part 3 – Shafts

Today we’ll keep working on our belt design utilizing another aspect of the Design Accelerators. Watch how easy it is to create a simple shaft using the shaft generator tool. It is quite easy to add standard features such as wrench flats, chamfers, reliefs, etc. As with the other Design Accelerators, the shaft tool allows you to verify that you design works as intended without worrying about the tedious process of creating solid models. Let’s take a look…


John with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Design Accelerators – Part 2 – Keys

Exploring the Design Accelerators a little more, leads us to the next part of our design process. Today we’ll add a keyway and key to our V-Belt design we created in Part 1. These tools allow us to design in the context of our assembly and concentrate on functionality rather than modeling individual components. Let’s take a look…


John with the INCAT CAD Geeks
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