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Autodesk Inventor – Custom Toolbars

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Today’s post we will look at simple customization of our toolbars inside of Inventor.  This will allow the end user to have quicker access too some of the most common functionality that they use inside of Inventor today.

Video Link: Autodesk Inventor – Custom Toolbars

Customizing the Marking Menu – Inventor 2012

With the introduction of Inventor 2012 Autodesk has increased user productivity with the introduction of the Marking Menu.  This new menu will allow for quicker access to the most common features/commands no matter what environment you happen to be working in.  This new menu replaces the right-click context menu.  The new menu takes a couple times of working with it to get totally comfortable but it sure is a great time saver.  This post will show you how to customize this menu to add all your favorite commands you most commonly use.  I show other aspects of the menu even how to revert to the classic look but remember the classic look probably won’t be around forever.

Video Link: Customizing the Marking Menu – Inventor 2012

Basic Charted Drawing Using Custom Parameters and iParts

I was recently requested to come up with a basic demo for a customer to show how Inventor could use iParts or in the customer words a family of parts.  So i created the basic demo using custom parameters, iParts and a simple table in the drawing that will automatically update when the active iPart is choosen for the drawing view.  The video will cover 3 areas of Inventor that has many uses.  Enjoy!!!

Video Link:
Basic Charted Drawing Using Custom Parameters and iParts

CC on the Rocks…..

I mean Content Center Rocks!

Are you using the Content Center in Inventor? You should be. It contains a million industry standard components such as fastners and steel shapes. I often get asked the question ” How do I modify the CC so that it matches my current engineering standards. Check out this quick video to get you started.


Create your own library (remember existing CC data is not editable) and copy existing CC data to edit. You can then customize the data to fit your needs. There are many different ways to approach this but this will get you started…
I remember back in the day having to model nuts and bolts to be used in my design…..thank you Autodesk.

John with the INCAT Cadgeeks

Wouldn’t it be great to use custom shapes with Frame Generator?

Well now you can with a simple download utility available at
If you have not visited this site it’s a must. There are many great utilities available for your use. Today I will cover the steps it takes to add your custom content to your Frame Generator library. So if you’re in need to work with extruded shapes or just unique shapes watch and learn how simple it is when using the customization tool. I will start with the shape of choice, constrained in my sketch and extruded noting which parameters/dimensions may need to be altered when selecting our material size using Frame Generator. Then I will proceed with the use of the customization tool to capture and define my new shape.

Check out my video of how to do this.


Dave Another one of the INCAT CAD Geeks

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