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Inventor Factory Suite – Creating a Asset

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We take a look at creating a asset with the tools provided with the new Autodesk Inventor Factory Suite.  A asset is really just a library part file or assembly file specially created for the factory environment.  It will allow you to select floor position of your item, connection points so other items can easily be constrained with a single pick and also allows you to utilize custom parameters to change position of your items within the environment itself.  Let’s take a look at creating an asset with Autodesk Inventor Factory Suite.

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Inventor Factory Suite – Creating a Asset

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Creating Symbols with Symbol Builder

Todays post takes a look at working with the symbol builder tool. If you are not currently running 2009 there has been a change to the interface of the symbol builder tool.

Creating an AutoCAD Electrical symbol includes adding the necessary attributes based on the symbol type, and for a schematic symbol, selecting an appropriate file name. Symbol builder uses attributes templates to facilitate adding the attributes. If you select a schematic symbol type, symbol builder suggests a file name based on the AutoCAD Electrical naming conventions. You will also use this tool to take existing non-AutoCAD Electrical Blocks and make them Electrical intelligent.

Lets take a look:

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

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