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Inventor – Removing One Solid From Another

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Back to basic’s with this post but we have new users everyday unlocking their potential with Autodesk Inventor.  This post I go through the steps of removing one solid from another and keeping associativity between the two models.  This becomes very important until we locked down our design for final release.  Take a look at the short video.

Video Link: Inventor – Removing One Solid From Another

Copying iParts with Vault

Ever wonder how you can copy an iPart in your Vault for usage in a similar factory design?  This video will show you how; including the details on reusing your existing drawing as well!

Check out the video HERE.

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Copy a Electrical Project with Acade or Vault

Today I am looking two ways to copy our AutoCAD Electrical projects. The first way that I show in the video is using AutoCAD Electrical. Of course this is nice for everyone who has a seat of software loaded on their work station. The second way of copying a project is utilizing Autodesk Vault. This may not require a seat of Electrical software installed on a work station depending on the type of Autodesk Data Management a company maybe running. This is perfect for managers and other people in a company who don’t need Electrical loaded.

Let’s take a look!!!
Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks

New Copy / Paste in Vault 2010

If you commonly track a lot of reference files other than CAD that need to be maintained, Vault now allows you to Copy and Paste non CAD files from one folder to another. This would allow you to quickly transfer a supporting file from one folder to another without ever leaving the Vault environment to Copy and rename in Windows explorer. The extra step of checking the supporting file in manually is also eliminated. The following steps closely follow the common Copy / Paste in Windows Explorer:

1) Find a file to be copied.

2) Use Copy from the Edit menu

3) Pick the destination folder and Paste from the Edit menu

4) The file is now in the destination folder and can be renamed if you like.

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks

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